Month: August 2011

Bon Voyage, Impulse

This Thursday, 8/25, Impulse will be officially sailing across the Pacific Ocean to the other side of the world.  In the past couple days, we have been dealing with logistical nightmares and trying to coordinate packing, loading and all that jazz.  We are very relieved to say that as of this morning on 8/23, Impulse …

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Fundraising $34,000 for 2011 World Solar Challenge As WSC fast approaching and Impulse being completed, we are now shifting our focus.  In order to participate in the competition while keeping our team out of the red, CalSol would like to ask for your support and help us raise $34,000 to cover the cost of the race.

We Are Ready for WSC

BERKELEY, Calif – Aug 15th 2011 – CalSol, The UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team, has completed its latest solar vehicle, Impulse, and is preparing to race for 1800 miles in the World Solar Challenge held in Australia from October 16th to October 23rd.  This will mark the first time CalSol has ever raced a solar …

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Impulse Grooming

CalSol would like to thank Jim and his crew at Shattuck Auto Collision Center for their beautiful and meticulous work in giving Impulse a renovation paint job this past week, entirely free of charge! Shattuck Auto Collision Center, or SAC for short, is a local collision repair service and auto painting center in Berkeley, CA. …

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Burning Rubber

Check out the latest video from this past weekend! Solar cars are all about efficiency, but our mechanical team tried some power driving at the station to test the car’s limits; they had a blast!  Then we tested our own stress levels by merging onto a crowded freeway and had an exciting day. Go Bears!

Energy Storage: Batteries

In a solar vehicle , there exists an accumulator pack to store the energy generated by the solar array and release it in a more reliable manner. Since the solar cells’ output power is dependent on the sun and weather (which vary greatly upon several factors), the accumulator pack can provide a more reliable source …

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Impulse on a Test Run

Howdy y’all, this is Ryan checking in, and here to say that CalSol is indeed still quite alive and kickin’.  In the past couple of weeks we’ve been constantly testing, fixing, and tweaking everything on the car from suspension to steering to the safety systems.  Just today we took the car out for a spin …

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Impulse on the Highway

This past weekend was an important milestone for CalSol in our progress to competing in the 2011 World Solar Challenge. CalSol left the Richmond Field Station to see how Impulse would perform on public roads and highways. However, things don’t always go as planned and CalSol encountered some setbacks early on to driving the car …

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