Month: April 2011

Fun Cal Day Prep Video

The night leading up to Cal Day was a sleepless night for many on the team. Watch as our team worked (and danced) hard through the night as we ensured that all preparations were complete for our big unveiling event. We cranked up the music a bit in this vid, but I’m sure you’ll get …

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Shell Paint & New Sponsors

      We are very pleased to announce that our shell has been painted by Shattuck Auto Collision Center with the paint donated by California Color Source! We offer the most sincere gratitude towards Shattuck Auto Collision Center, who is now our gold sponsor, for its beautiful paint job.  At the same time, we …

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Towing Point Saga

Impulse is nearing completion! With the completion of the shells and the rear suspension, the final chassis connections for the towing points have been welded and the access windows have been cut in the shell. While ultimately the goal is to never have to use the towing points, in the case that we do need …

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Canopy Forming

To go along with our shell construction efforts, CalSol has also been hard at work on our canopy for Cal Day. Our platinum sponsor, Kreysler & Associates, generously milled our canopy plug for us and we have been preparing it by spraying it with primer and sanding it down to a smooth finish.

Shell Layup

Within the last couple of months, CalSol started the cool process that is shell construction and we are happy to report that we have finished the layups for Impulse’s top and bottom shells !   For the past few weeks members have been out to the station essentially every day working to make this a reality. …

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Website Overhaul

Hello friends, As the webmaster of the team, I feel obligated to update you on the status of the website. We have made quite a few significant changes in the past few days: We have a new layout for the website (I hope you like it!). We now have a pretty dropdown menu. We made …

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CAN Communication

This Saturday, for the first time, we tried connecting all of our low voltage boards together. We didn’t have a high voltage power source, so we powered everything off of 12V wall sockets. Our new battery packs should be ready soon. We successfully established CAN (Controller Area Network) communication between several of the boards.