Month: June 2014

Electrical Team Making Progress and Giving Thanks!

The electrical team has been making good headway lately, with new, experienced, and alumni members all working to finish the assembly, testing, and troubleshooting of Zephyr’s electrical system. The HCI (Human Control Interface) sub-systems are able to communicate among themselves over the CAN bus, which stands for Controller Area Network and allows for communication without …

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Fairing Success!

CalSol has upgraded Zephyr; a feature that no past solar vehicle produced by CalSol since 2005 has had will be debuted at the 2014 FSGP and ASC races. So what is this groundbreaking new feature? Front fairing doors. Masterminded by members of the Chassis and Suspension subteam, the whole team has worked tirelessly to integrate …

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Thank You SunPower!

With the Formula Sun Grand Prix / American Solar Challenge 2014 approaching in just a month, CalSol is in the process of organizing a list of generous friends and company sponsors who made it possible for us to engineer Zephyr and to enter in the SunRayce. In particular, the team decided to give a shout-out …

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