CalSol has (open source) BRAINS

The CalSol BRAIN v.1.91, finalized product

Thanks to excellent cooperation and support from our sponsor Advanced Circuits, CalSol received 50 custom controllers known as BRAINs (Berkeley Robust Automotive Interchangeable Node).

Volkswagen Partnership

Volkswagen Logo

CalSol is very excited about our recent partnership with the Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory (VW ERL). Volkswagen has been incredibly helpful with their technical knowledge and will be an invaluable resource for our competition in World Solar Challenge.

Thank you Dr. Burkhard Huhnke for Volkswagen’s financial support that makes Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (VWGoA) our top sponsor at the Platinum level. Thank you to each member of the lab for your individual support on aspects of our new vehicle. We had a great time meeting you in Palo Alto and we look forward to working with you through the World Solar Challenge 2011.

Thanks to mbed

Electronics sponsor

CalSol would like to thank mbed for their gracious donation of mbed prototyping platforms and licenses.  The mbed platform is a highly capable platform sporting a ARM Cortex M3, Ethernet, and CAN capabilities.  The mbed platform will be used on some of the more complex components of our car, such as the experimental wifi telemetry system and graphical display.  Mbed has also been added as a friend in our sponsors page.

CalSol Visits Google and VW

Over the summer, CalSol spent some time down in the South Bay visiting Google and VW. After an early morning start, we headed down to Mountain View with GoldRush and TOD in tow to give a Tech Talk  about Solar Car Racing at Google. Thanks to the hard work put in by the team all week long in preparation for the presentation, it was a great success.