Impulse Grooming

CalSol would like to thank Jim and his crew at Shattuck Auto Collision Center for their beautiful and meticulous work in giving Impulse a renovation paint job this past week, entirely free of charge!

Shattuck Auto Collision Center, or SAC for short, is a local collision repair service and auto painting center in Berkeley, CA. The shop has been our Gold Sponsor since April this year, and we are so grateful of their consistent support!

Working with SAC has been a wonderful experience. The staff members have been overwhelmingly friendly and accommodating. Despite the booked schedule they had this past week, the SAC staff went as far as working overtime to give Impulse’s top shell impeccable repairs and touch ups per our request. Not only did SAC improve Impulse’s aerodynamics by providing a smooth finish to the shell, but the SAC staff also provided us with valuable insight and advice that is sure to come in handy for our future solar vehicles.

With less than a week left until the car gets packed away for WSC, the team has been working very hard to iron out all the kinks and prepare Impulse for Australia. Due to all of this stress and tension we are experiencing, we are even more appreciative of the generous assistance SAC has offered. Once again, thank you Shattuck Auto Collision Center! Impulse has never looked better!