Motor Team Check-in: Big Ideas Award, Motor Dissection, and Coast-Down Testing

With the spring semester out of the way and a busy summer ahead, the motor team has finally gotten a chance to reflect on the many things it’s accomplished over the past two months since its previous blog post (“If We Had Cylinders, We’d Be Banging On All of Them”).

Rotors in Motion Poster

Firstly, we are proud to announce that Rotors in Motion, the motor team’s entry in the 2012 Berkeley Big Ideas contest, won 2nd place in the Energy Efficient Technologies category and a $4000 prize! A big thank you to the Big Ideas staff for making this accomplishment possible and a huge round of applause for Isaac Spiegel, who spearheaded the Big Ideas entry, and the other motor team members who worked tirelessly to draft, revise, and polish the 15-page proposal document. Go team!

Maker Faire

Maker Faire 2012
Hello everybody!

For the second year in a row, we’re at Maker Faire. This weekend event is always fun, and we meet tons of neat people with cool stories. It’s already the second day of Maker Faire, and it has been a blast. Whether it’s reconnecting with members of solar car teams from a decade ago, learning about cool technology from professionals, or telling smiling kids about the races we’ve done and are going to do, it’s a pleasure for all of our members to be here. Maker Faire is personally one of the most enjoyable outreach events for me because I get to talk to people that are genuinely interested in the technology and optimistic about the future. Plus, being around all of the other creations and seeing the sheer creativity of others is always a privilege. We hope to do this next year and keep up the annual tradition!