9th Generation

CalSol’s first cruiser class vehicle

Cruiser class vehicles seat 2+ people, designed for practicality

2019 Formula Sun Grand Prix (2nd Place)

2019 World Solar Challenge


8th Generation

First raced in 2014, it has had a long and illustrious career, with more than 10600 miles logged.

2017 Formula Sun Grand Prix (1st Place)

2018 Formula Sun Grand Prix (2nd Place)

2022 Formula Sun Grand Prix (4th Place)

2022 American Solar Challenge (4th Place)


7th Generation

2011 World Solar Challenge (20 out of 37)

2012 American Solar Challenge (4th Place)

Gold Rush

6th Generation

First CalSol car featuring upright seating and a traditional steering wheel, making the driving experience more similar to that of a standard car

First CalSol car since Afterburner II to feature a three wheel design

2009 Formula Sun Grand Prix

Beam Machine

5th Generation

Featured an innovative battery protection system and earned the Best Stock Array award

2005 Formula Sun Grand Prix (3rd Place)

2005 North American Solar Challenge (2nd Place)


Solar Bear

4th Generation

First vehicle designed and built after split of Team Stanley (ie. Stanford and Berkeley)

Raced after CalSol’s 4 year hiatus from solar racing


2003 Formula Sun Grand Prix (1st Place)

2003 American Solar Challenge (2nd Place)


Third Degree Burner

3rd Generation

Though having a similar appearance to Afterburner II, the interior was entirely redesigned

Exceptionally efficient, driving 45 mi/hr on the power of a single hair dryer

Afterburner II

2nd Generation

Has upwards of 8,000 miles on it

Reportedly reached 74 mph during testing


1997 Sunrayce (3rd Place)

1995 FIA electro-solar cup in Suzuka, Japan

California Dreamin’

1st Generation

CalSol’s first solar vehicle


1993 Sunrayce

1994 Disneyland World Clean Air Road Rally

1995 Suzuka Solar Car Race in Japan