WSC Final Results

The final results for the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge have been posted. These results confirm that CalSol placed 20th out of 37. However, unlike the provisional results which said we traveled 1809 km on solar power, the final results have increased our solar distance by a whopping 2 km! Congratulations to the team for completing 1811 km by the power of the sun.

You Make it Easier When Logistics Gets Hard

While it is important to get a car built, run, and tested, it is absolutely essential to successfully get the car across the Pacific Ocean in order to participate the Veolia World Solar Challenge in Australia.

The team began looking into shipping logistics in April, with very little luck. We have talked to many freight forwarders and shipping companies, and received many quotes. The quotes were always either too expensive or the transit would take way too long. There were also many confusing (and different) rules around the class-9 haz mat lithium ion batteries for both flying and shipping.

Thank you for adopting CalSol

Thank you so much to our Adopt-a-Cell donors who helped get us to Australia! We asked for your assistance, and you responded with enthusiasm. We could not have completed any of our challenges without your support.

As always, please send email to You don’t have to give us money to say hi. Our members love to receive words of encouragement from our friends. Here is one of my favorite emails that shows how often Steven keeps in touch with his family:

2011 WSC Reflections by Chris Cartland

The 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge (WSC) fueled the single greatest adventure in my life to date. The adventure has been CalSol, or rather the process of working with a team to create the solar vehicle project that we see today. The 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge brought out every facet of CalSol’s character and thoroughly tested our ability to sustain hardship. The competition is a challenge of epic proportions, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work on a project so meaningful, complex, and rewarding.

The goal is to drive a vehicle 3000 km across Australia as fast as legally possible using only solar energy. This simple objective unleashes a firestorm of unwieldy ramifications that can only be fully understood by living through the action yourself.

At the Finishline, CalSol Goes on

We finished the World Solar Challenge!

After our strong finish on the last day of raycing, we packed up the car and headed over to downtown Adelaide. We parked our support vehicles at the fairground parking lot and waited for our turn to cross the finishline at Victoria Square.

The team gathered at the finishline and nervously waited for Mike to drive the car to the finish.  As soon as Mike pulled in, we began chanting Bear Territory with our Cal and US flags.  The atmosphere was so hyped up and we were so proud to be there!