Energy Storage: Batteries

In a solar vehicle , there exists an accumulator pack to store the energy generated by the solar array and release it in a more reliable manner. Since the solar cells’ output power is dependent on the sun and weather (which vary greatly upon several factors), the accumulator pack can provide a more reliable source when solar energy cannot be depended on. When weather becomes unpredictable and the amount of solar exposure decreases, the accumulators help supplement the car’s lack of power. Batteries are a common choice in accumulator packs, but require a battery monitoring system to prevent hazards from occurring. Together, the batteries and the battery monitoring system comprise a central and important part of solar vehicles.


Thanks to the generous donations from Panasonic, we have been able to construct battery packs meeting our criteria. Using Panisonic’s advanced NCR18650A cells, we are able to store 3100mAh in every one of our 455 cells. We would also like to thank Linear Technologies, whose LTC680x series chips and boards allow us to monitor our entire battery pack without fear of explosion or fire. With the two together, we have been able to design a safe and reliable system that can store large amounts of solar generated electric energy.