Month: March 2012

If We Had Cylinders, We’d Be Banging On All of Them

High fives were had all around as CalSol’s Motor team recently submitted its final project proposal for the Big Ideas at Berkeley Grant Competition. But it was not long before we were back with our noses to the grindstone. The CalSol Motor subteam (nicknamed “Rotors in Motion”) was born out of the challenges the team had getting our motor …

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Impulse’s New Canopy

After six weeks of preparation and work, shell team has successfully made a new canopy for Impulse. The current plastic canopy added unnecessary weight and deflected when we opened it, so we wanted a new canopy made mostly of composite materials with a windshield for vision. Due to the high strength-to-weight ratio of composites, we were able to …

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Sign all the things!

Well,  CalSol has been signing a lot of paperwork, but there are also a lot of signs and decals that Star Link Co. had generously donated to us for the World Solar Challenge.  These include decals, magnetic signs, window signs, and banners for Impulse and the convoy.  Some of these decals were required by the WSC …

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