Rayce Day 6: The Little Solar Car that Could

I think I can, I think i can, I think I can....

G’day world,

This is Ryan, currently distracted from operating telemetry in the chase car to write a blog post.  This is my first day operating telemetry from the chase vehicle, and unfortunately also the last day too.  Impulse is currently in the final stretch driving towards Port Agusta to hit the end of timing checkpoint, and with the weather that we’re getting, the race strategy team has decided that we want to drain our battery pack to log as many solar kilometers as possible, and then trailer to the finish line from there.  We drove 25-40kph earlier in the day but as we squeeze out the last of the charge now this means we’re averaging about 11 Kph on the Stuart highway.

Impulse on a Test Run

Howdy y’all, this is Ryan checking in, and here to say that CalSol is indeed still quite alive and kickin’.  In the past couple of weeks we’ve been constantly testing, fixing, and tweaking everything on the car from suspension to steering to the safety systems.  Just today we took the car out for a spin in the warm California sun along the 580 freeway, and I would describe it as the most refreshing yet stressful event of my life.

The Team and Impulse

Thanks to mbed

Electronics sponsor

CalSol would like to thank mbed for their gracious donation of mbed prototyping platforms and licenses.  The mbed platform is a highly capable platform sporting a ARM Cortex M3, Ethernet, and CAN capabilities.  The mbed platform will be used on some of the more complex components of our car, such as the experimental wifi telemetry system and graphical display.  Mbed has also been added as a friend in our sponsors page.