Month: June 2009

Upcoming Event: Marin County Fair

A quick update: Next week CalSol will be displaying GoldRush at the Marin County Fair as part of the Electric Wheels Car Show. Feel free to stop by the show and check out all the amazing vehicles that will be on display!

Formula Sun Wrap Up, Part I

CalSol began the last day of the race looking forward to 10 hours of racing, but unfortunately we were unable to begin with the other teams due to some mechanical problems from Thursday’s racing, and also our brake lights stopped working. By 10:30 AM we had fixed the problems, tuned the suspension, and demonstrated to …

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Raycing at Formula Sun

Hi ya’ll. We are on the track and raycing! Still sleep deprived and determined to roll out onto the track we discussed many options and concluded that we needed to rayce. Despite our battery protection’s refusal to work we decided that we could quickly build a safe system using lead acid batteries. Our chassis was …

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Stormy Weather

CalSol stayed up all night working on the car. We made a lot of progress on the electrical system although the continuous rain, thunder and lightning plus a brief tornado watch forced us to pack up our camp and delayed our progress. Despite coping with extreme winds and flooded tents throughout the night, our electrical …

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FSGP Scrutineering

CalSol is in the middle of scrutineering. We have passed mechanical and basic vehicle inspections but we still have to pass electrical and dynamic tests.