Thank you Alpha Wire!

Our solar cars serve not just as high efficiency race vehicles, but as advocates for environmentally responsible technology. As such, it’s only fitting to use green materials whenever possible in the construction of the car. We’re very pleased to be able to use Alpha Wire‘s new EcoWire in the construction of our vehicle, Impulse. Not only is this halogen-free wire fully recyclable, it’s also very lightweight, allowing us to keep that competitive edge.   The EcoWire donated by Alpha Wire has allowed us to complete wiring our array and is used in the voltage sense lines for our race battery packs.  We would like to thank Alpha Wire for their support of our team and welcome them as one of our newest sponsors.

Impulse on the Road

Dear CalSol supporters,

We have some exciting news for you: Impulse braved its first journey as a state-registered vehicle on city roads!

With our building efforts drawing mostly to completion, we are now focusing our attention on testing the car and fine-tuning any hiccups along the way.  On Sunday the 17th, a crew of members took Impulse for a spin all the way to Jack London Square in Oakland.

Please enjoy this short video of Impulse on the roads, and for a more complete footage, please follow this link here.

As always, we really appreciate all the amazing support we have. Please continue to follow our progress as we prepare for the World Solar Challenge 2011–only a few months away now!

CalSol Visits ERL

Team talking to ERL employees about Impulse

July 12th was a very exciting day for CalSol in many ways.  Since we were coming down to the Peninsula to wrap up our registration, we decided to swing by Belmont to visit our awesome platinum sponsor, Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab!

We Got a License Plate!

As of yesterday, July 12, Impulse is now legally registered with the DMV!  How exciting!  In this picture, you can sort of see the VIN sticker that CHP issued us yesterday too!

Here I would like to especially thank Redwood City CHP for making the registration process quick and painless.  With the sparkling new license plate, it won’t take long to see Impulse on the public road!  It will also help us finalize our shipping logistics soon.  More exciting updates to come, stay tuned!

Solar Cells are ON!









Hello Solar Car Enthusiasts!

We are very excited to say that Impulse is now officially a solar car!  As soon as our shell team completed working on the canopy hatch, the solar team members rolled up their sleeves and began caulking!

Coming Soon to a Road Near You

Our lovely car

Two Saturdays ago we took our car to have the lights and brakes inspected.  Hee Lee, the owner of 700 Auto Service, once again generously performed the inspection for us at no charge.   Passing this test marked the first step in getting our car to be certified as street legal.   Next we took the car to one of the most feared of organizations – the DMV, for the fifth time.   People waiting to pass their driver’s license test were amazed and surprised to see a solar car waiting in line next to them.   We prepared for the worst, but everything went quite smoothly and we are excited to announce we have received a temporary road permit.   This registration will allow us to drive on public roads until September.    Next week we’ll be taking the car to the CHP to get a permanent VIN which will allow us to get our permanent registration and license plates.

CalSol Welcomes Its Newest Sponsors!

We would like to welcome Vicor Corporation and Roving Networks as our newest bronze sponsors, and we’d also like to thank them for their generous donation of DC-DC converters and WiFly modules respectively.