Our Team

Constructing a car powered solely by the sun not only requires the combined knowledge of a variety of disciplines but also a tight-knit community ready to tackle any challenge they face along their journey. Learn about our dedicated teams that are working to make sustainability a reality.



Manage logistics, marketing, branding, outreach, and sponsor relations.

Through overseeing the external and internal relations of our team, Operations ensures that the rest of the team can focus on building our solar cars.


Physical design and construction of the structural parts of the car.

The Mechanical team designs and builds the car’s suspension, chassis, and powertrain.


Program, design, and integrate the car’s electrical subsystem.

Using custom designed PCBs and the CAN network, the Electrical team implements the communication backbone of the car.


Design and integration of the car’s custom solar array.

Using custom-encapsulated cells, the Solar team constructs and integrates the ultra-high efficiency solar array that powers our car.


Research and develop race simulation or manage the AWS backend.

Using GUS simulator, the Strategy team simulates scenarios of the race on the computer. Additionally, they help manage the AWS backend of the club. 



Program Director

Kylie Bell

Operations Director

Taeyoung "Ed" Kang

Engineering Director

Aashika Nair

Subteam Leads

Mechanical Directors

Jeremy Huang
Griffin Zajac

Electrical Leads

Nihal Gulati
Joesph Liu

Solar Leads

Ann Alekseenko
Nikita Mehendale

Mechanical Subteam Leads

Battery Lead

Michael Jia

Dynamics Leads

Jiyun Kang
Carlos Noreña

Chassis Lead

Anders Voss

Shell Lead

Anayeli Ramirez Leon



Antonio Herrera


Avinash Srikanth


Jeremy Huang
Griffin Zajac


  • Program Director: kylie.l.bell@berkeley.edu
  • Business Operations/Mechanical: tae0kang@berkeley.edu
  • Engineering Co-Directors: aashikanair@berkeley.edu
  • Mechanical/Treasury:  jeremyhuang.berkeley.edu AND gzajac@berkeley.edu
  • Electrical: sihal3@berkeley.edu AND joseph.liu.927@berkeley.edu
  • Solar: alekse@berkeley.edu AND nikitavmehendale@berkeley.edu
  • Battery: michael.jia@berkeley.edu
  • Dynamics: jiyunk@berkeley.edu AND ccnorena@berkeley.edu
  • Chassis: anderstvoss@berkeley.edu
  • Secretary/Mechanical: dantonioh03@berkeley.edu
  • Webmaster/Mechanical: avinashsrikanth@berkeley.edu