Bon Voyage, Impulse

Ed wrapping things up in the container
The container is all packed!

This Thursday, 8/25, Impulse will be officially sailing across the Pacific Ocean to the other side of the world.  In the past couple days, we have been dealing with logistical nightmares and trying to coordinate packing, loading and all that jazz.  We are very relieved to say that as of this morning on 8/23, Impulse has successfully taken off to the Oakland port and been ready for Australia!

The past couple days have been crazy here in Richmond.  There were lots of last minute packing to be done.  In addition to packing, we needed to make sure all of our equipment and goods would be able to fit in our 20′ container and how to best strap everything down tightly and securely.  I’d like to give a shout out to our amazing alum Ed Divita once again for stepping up and helping us with planning and joining this last minute packing effort.  Without him, along with the fantastic packing crew, it would have been impossible to get everything wrapped up and loaded in time.

Bon Voyage Impulse, see you in September and have a wonderful ride!