Impulse on the Highway

This past weekend was an important milestone for CalSol in our progress to competing in the 2011 World Solar Challenge. CalSol left the Richmond Field Station to see how Impulse would perform on public roads and highways. However, things don’t always go as planned and CalSol encountered some setbacks early on to driving the car on the road. Regardless our team was able to work together to identify and fix these problems on the spot with the tools and equipment we had brought with us. After solving these problems we were able to take Impulse onto the highway and stay with the flow of traffic. We were slightly disappointed that we weren’t able to drive as much as originally planned. However, the team feels much more confident being on the road and working on the car with limited resources and being successful. Keep an eye out for CalSol performing more road tests in the near future!

Impulse becomes the center of attention for the neighborhood on an otherwise normal Sunday afternoon.