Month: October 2011

How Does Impulse Work?

A lot of people have been asking us to explain what exactly makes our car, Impulse, go. So Martin drew us a phenomenal comic about that very subject!

The Painted Stallion

Okay, so Impulse isn’t a horse, but she sure is decorated, thanks to our sponsor, Signazon. Every decal on Impulse was printed and die-cut by Signazon, an e-commerce marketing company that supplies an immense variety of custom or predesigned banners, signs, window advertisements, and of course, car decals.

Rayce Day 5: Antennas in Alice

CalSol drove through Alice Springs early this morning through some beautiful (annoying) hills with pleasant sunlight. Impulse had very little battery charge after our sprint to the outskirts of Alice Springs last night so we were very happy that the famous Australian sun could push us through sharp elevation changes. After leaving the bustling downtown …

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Pictures! (from Australia of course)

Our good member Ryan has been steadily uploading pictures to Facebook when he gets internet. Unfortunately not everyone has Ryan as a Facebook friend (tragic), but now everyone can see these photos of the team on their Australian adventure. See the full gallery after the break.