Our Crowdfunding Campaign!

Our Fall 2023 Crowdfunding Campaign ran until October 31st.

This year, we surpassed our goal of $8k. Thank you so much to those who donated! We really appreciate your support.

Who We Are

We are a team of undergraduate students who design, build, test, and races fully solar-powered vehicles at an international level, all while developing and raising awareness of clean energy technology. 

Our Values

Member Enrichment

Our members hone their leadership and stress-management skills in high-stakes competitions, and bond closely over the course of the build cycle.

Green Technology

The cutting-edge, efficient vehicle systems that we develop are the first step in building mass-market solutions to real-world energy
and environmental concerns.


We participates in various community and campus events to spread awareness of green technology and inspire participation in STEM activities.


years of innovation

CalSol was founded in 1990 with its first student-built vehicle, California Dreamin’. Since then we have designed and built eight more vehicles, claiming multiple awards and demonstrating strong performance. This year, we are building upon our previous experience to engineer our finest vehicle yet, Excalibur.

Be a part of the innovation

Help us drive towards a better future