Fundraising $34,000 for 2011 World Solar Challenge

As WSC fast approaching and Impulse being completed, we are now shifting our focus.  In order to participate in the competition while keeping our team out of the red, CalSol would like to ask for your support and help us raise $34,000 to cover the cost of the race.

This $34,000 will cover the race entry fee, shipping cost, vehicle rental cost, fuel, tools, and all kinds of miscellaneous expenses.   This does not include airfare, food, housing, or any personal expenses incurred by our members.  We appreciate any amount you can afford to donate.   If you can’t make a donation, perhaps you know someone who might be able to support our car.

Anything counts. Your donation can help us, a student group, to realize our dreams and excel in the race with your financial support.   We have spent the past two years working towards this ambitious goal, and we are so close to the fulfillment yet limited by our budget.

Please, please, please help us out by donating to us and spreading the words.  Tell your friends, neighbors, and family members about us.  Fund an amazing project like ours and show your support towards renewable energy technologies and education.

For corporate donations, please check out our Sponsorship page.

For individual donations, please consider our Adopt-a-Cell Program.

CalSol thanks you for your support, and GO BEARS!