Pictures! (from Australia of course)

Can we get this through customs?

Our good member Ryan has been steadily uploading pictures to Facebook when he gets internet. Unfortunately not everyone has Ryan as a Facebook friend (tragic), but now everyone can see these photos of the team on their Australian adventure. See the full gallery after the break.

The team has been doing rather well, with 1520 km under their belts. Of the teams that have had to trailer they’re amongst those who’ve traveled the furthest under solar power. It’s tricky to calculate exact positions until the end, but today’s provisional results show CalSol as 19th out of 37 teams.

Here’s a few of my favorite pics so far. There’s even more available at our Flickr album.

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1 thought on “Pictures! (from Australia of course)”

  1. Thanks so much for the great pictures. We love being part of the team. You are all awesome.
    Go Impulse!
    Go Bears!
    Kris Taylor (MOM – mother of Martin)

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