Updates from the Last Racing Day

It looks like the team is out celebrating right now, so let’s do some Facebook stalking of Ryan to get an idea of what happened on the last race day.  Ryan says:

Just left the port agusta checkpoint and we’re headed to Adelaide on solar power! The sun is so much nicer today (it still exists!) And we’re cruising at an amazing speed of 45 kph on a nearly empty battery pack.

Wow, the sun is out and shining brightly, and we’re cruising at a staggering 63 Kph using nearly empty battery packs. We never thought we’d get such good luck today. Really at the final stretch now, we got one more hours of raycing left, lets make the most of this!

Impulse is now cruising at 85 kph on the Stuart…. booyah.

15 minutes of the race left, and the sun has never shined so brightly before. Quite a nice way to finish off the race :].

And…. thats that! Impulse has completed all of the solar kilometers she could, and is pulled off the side of the road. Now we await the result, but in the meantime, time to party in Adelaide!

We’re in Adelaide!

At the finish line!

After race dinner 🙂 — at Gaucho’s Argentinian.

The teams now appear to be gathered at Adelaide Convention center where I expect they’ll reveal the official results.