Maker Faire

Maker FaireHowdy everyone!,

CalSol is at Maker Faire this weekend! If you’re at the event you can find us in the west lot on the far side, near a number of other electric vehicles, and a floating DeLorean!

For the uninitiated, Maker Faire is an inspirational weekend of ingenuity and cool technology. Every year there are first time makers as well as favorites returning with something new. Come and discover and world of creativity and imagination!

More information is available at and if you can’t make it, check into the livestream at

See you all there!

Green Drive Expo

Green Drive Expo

Followers of CalSol, come and join us tomorrow at the the Bay Area’s premier consumer expo dedicated to hybrid, plug-in, ev and other high-tech, ecofriendly vehicles, the Green Drive Expo! We’ll be there to show Impulse, alongside many premiere auto manufacturer’s, including Toyota and Chevrolet.

The exhibition is open from 10am until 5pm this Saturday, September 15th. For more information, head on over to the expo’s website:


We look forward to seeing you there!

ASC Stage 3 – Whether you Weather the Weather + Update!

The last two days of raycing, July 17th and 18th has been the third stage of the American Solar Challenge. This stage began in Ann Arbor Michigan and ended in Normal, IL. It has been quite the exciting trip, and as its the best place to begin, from the beginning.

CalSol at Goshen, IN

The day began beautifully. Ann Arbor was a wonderful town with a bunch of crazy people excited about solar technology and vehicles. We had breakfast courtesy of Black & Veatch, and began the day at 9:04, in accordance with our fifth place position as of the day before. We started out to some issues with our battery ventilation, and fell back a few positions. While dealing with that issue, several teams passed us, as it was so close to the beginning. We spent the rest of the day traveling at 35 miles per hour, which we’ve discovered to be our “steady state speed” over the past few days. We can travel, given good weather, at 35 miles per hour forever. The day proceeded, getting steadily warmer, and we were driving steadily farther. Before we knew it, we were 150 miles down the road, and arriving in Kalamazoo, the home of Western Michigan University, and our new friends, the Sunseeker Solar Vehicle Team. Plus it was over one hundred degrees. A quick hour of charging, impound and lunch and we’re back on the road at 4:08, the ninth team to pull out of the checkpoint that afternoon.

CalSol has qualified for the American Solar Challenge!

We have completed a total of 106 laps today, earning us a spot in the American Solar Challenge 2012!

Driver party at the finish line!

Keep following us on here and on Twitter for status updates on the American Solar Challenge.

Tearing Up the Track – Formula Sun Grand Prix Day 2

Impulse of Monticello Motor Club's South Track

The picture says it all. Passing scrutineering yesterday and fixing the little glitches in our array left Impulse in 100% working order and ready to fly onto the track this morning. Today has been a wonderful day with beautiful weather and everyone’s spirits are high with Impulse out on the track.

On the Road Again

Thousands of miles of open roads ahead of us

CalSol is back on the road again! Yesterday was our first day of six on our trip across the United States to our penultimate destination, Monticello, New York. The longest day of travel for us, we drove over 550 miles from Berkeley to our resting place for the night, a beautiful campground in Angel Lake National Forest, Angel Creek, in Wells, Nevada. It was an uneventful ride in the grand scheme of things. Would it be wrong to say I was a little bored?

CalSol on CNET Always On

Recently CalSol was contacted by a group within CNET, and check out the results! We have been featured on CNETTV, as part of the pilot for their brand new show, Always On.

Racing with the Sun

Thanks to Molly and the crew at CNET!

Engineers of Tomorrow, Today

Last time we spoke CalSol had just began its new semester along with a bevy of new goals. I’m happy to report that we are well on our way to achieving those!

Kids visiting CalSol's Solar Powered Radio

I’d like to thank everyone involved with Engineering 4 Kids (E4K). This was an event held last weekend in which a number of elementary schools from the Berkeley area brought 4th-6th graders to Berkeley to show them all the cool things that you can do with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This year E4K drew in 350 students and a lot of cool demonstrations from the student groups here on campus. Unfortunately due to issues with the weather, CalSol was unable to bring out one of our solar cars to show off, but with a solar powered radio, and some sample composites and plenty of pictures you can bet we had plenty of the kids swarming around our table with questions aplenty. We hope that a few of those kids came away from E4K with a thirst for even more engineering! You can bet CalSol will be at E4K again next year!

New Semester, New Rayce, and a New CalSol

Hello! It has been roughly two months since our last update and I’m sure you are curious as to what has happened in the meantime. It is my great pleasure to fill you all in!

Starting with the biggest news, CalSol is attending the American Solar Challenge this summer! We will be raycing against a number of other solar vehicle teams from around the world in two different events. The first, called the Formula Sun Grand Prix, is  a track race for all of the teams attending. The second event is the American Solar Challenge itself, in which a smaller number of teams will participate. This rayce will see CalSol from Rochester, New York to St. Paul, Minnesota.

How Does Impulse Work?

A lot of people have been asking us to explain what exactly makes our car, Impulse, go. So Martin drew us a phenomenal comic about that very subject!

Click for large version