Australia is Auss-some!

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Spring Sunset in South Australia

In the midst of all our frenzied preparations for WSC, the race crew has also been admiring the amazing country that Australians have! Everyone we have talked to have been very friendly, helpful, and interested in our business here so far, and I speak for the entire team when I say that we have met some really great people!

Melbourne was an interesting city, with both European and American architectural influences. We had fun exploring the city with the limited time we have, and we wouldn’t mind returning again.


A Lively Country

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This is our first Saturday in Australia and the country is preparing for a three day weekend. Our caravan is enjoying a very colorful drive through green fields, blue skies, silvery rain, and mysterious pink lakes near Adelaide. The terrain has changed from rolling vineyards to grassy plane and we saw a brilliant double rainbow at the end of a morning rain.

CalSol with Port Pirie Volunteers

Volunteers from Port Pirie are providing free coffee to all visitors along highway A1 in order to  make the roads a little safer during the long weekend. We stopped for a quick visit and chat. The two ladies at the coffee stand were very nice and CalSol really appreciated the opportunity to take a break and rejuvinate with some coffee, tea, and cookies. This country is full of wonderful surprises and we are excited to continue our journey north.

Day 5: Here Comes the Sun…and Outback

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Here Comes the Sun

Hiya, it’s Marc and Jessica again!

It seems like the team hasn’t had very good internet connection since we have been the only ones posting.  After separating from the rest of the team for three days, we have finally reunited today in Adelaide and are now resting together up by Port Pirie.

The weather was touch and go for most of the day, full of a mix of hit-and-run rain showers, sunshine, and of course our personal favorite, sunshine-showers.  We were getting a bit frustrated, with having to flick our windshield wipers on-and-off every couple of minutes as we leaped frogged from rain patch to rain patch, but fortunately for us Captain BlueBear had a trick up his sleeve. Our Volkswagen vehicles have this nice feature which detects water on the windshield and will automatically trigger the wiping mode to clear it off. It even will vary the rate to match the quanity of water being deposited (Win!).