The Painted Stallion

Impulse's Glorious Sponsor Decals!

Okay, so Impulse isn’t a horse, but she sure is decorated, thanks to our sponsor, Signazon.

Every decal on Impulse was printed and die-cut by Signazon, an e-commerce marketing company that supplies an immense variety of custom or predesigned banners, signs, window advertisements, and of course, car decals.

Our decals required some tricky cuts, but they came out fantastic!

To honor our sponsors, we needed to fit all of their logos onto the extremely limited available surface area of a the solar car. Most of the space is taken up by solar cells, leaving only small, very curvaceous windows of free space here and there for decoration. This necessitated some tricky layout work made trickier by the fine detail in the logos. In fact, we were informed by some companies that the details were too fine, and a precise die cut would be unattainable. Signazon, on the other hand, pulled through in flying colors.

With unparalleled, attentive customer service and highly competent technicians, we were able to work through the technical difficulty of CalSol’s decal needs. And Signazon topped it off by giving us a generous educational discount!

As a final note, Signazon has also written their own Blog Post, and Press Release promoting CalSol, The World Solar Challenge, and the services they provided for us. Check it out!

And Once Again, Thank You Signazon!


-Isaac Spiegel