Engineers of Tomorrow, Today

Last time we spoke CalSol had just began its new semester along with a bevy of new goals. I’m happy to report that we are well on our way to achieving those!

Kids visiting CalSol's Solar Powered Radio

I’d like to thank everyone involved with Engineering 4 Kids (E4K). This was an event held last weekend in which a number of elementary schools from the Berkeley area brought 4th-6th graders to Berkeley to show them all the cool things that you can do with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This year E4K drew in 350 students and a lot of cool demonstrations from the student groups here on campus. Unfortunately due to issues with the weather, CalSol was unable to bring out one of our solar cars to show off, but with a solar powered radio, and some sample composites and plenty of pictures you can bet we had plenty of the kids swarming around our table with questions aplenty. We hope that a few of those kids came away from E4K with a thirst for even more engineering! You can bet CalSol will be at E4K again next year!