On the Road Again

Thousands of miles of open roads ahead of us

CalSol is back on the road again! Yesterday was our first day of six on our trip across the United States to our penultimate destination, Monticello, New York. The longest day of travel for us, we drove over 550 miles from Berkeley to our resting place for the night, a beautiful campground in Angel Lake National Forest, Angel Creek, in Wells, Nevada. It was an uneventful ride in the grand scheme of things. Would it be wrong to say I was a little bored?

Impulse is strapped down and ready or the road trip!

Of course it wasn’t easy getting to where we are today. The past few weeks have been a storm of preparations and testing including a new steering wheel, a new parking brake, and a plethora of other adjustments to get Impulse ready for the American Solar Challenge. All of CalSol has been working themselves to the bone, some even on top of full time jobs, to make sure that we’re race ready. The packing was finished just before we left on Monday, filling our new trailer with the muffled sounds of packing and shifting equipment. Our insurance has come in, thanks to the hard work of Mark Frederiksen and his crew at Frederiksen & Frederiksen Insurance. Put it all together, and you have a solar powered vehicle itching to get out onto the open roads!

Everything is falling into place, and now all that remains is for us to drive across the country! Make sure to follow us on twitter as well for more up to the minute updates.