Sponsorship Thank You: Texas Almet

CalSol would like to give Texas Almet a huge shoutout for their donations that helped make our Tachyon the solar car it is today!

Aluminum Honeycomb

Texas Almet is one of North America’s leading producers in honeycomb components which are known for impressive strength without added weight overhead.  In fact, the durable yet light honeycomb cells the company provided us with have been instrumental in improving Tachyon’s efficiency.

Once again, we would like to thank Texas Almet for the support!


Sponsorship Thank You: Recurrent Energy

Huge thank you to Recurrent Energy, a subsidiary of Canadian Solar, for the continuous support since 2013!

Recurrent Energy is a leading utility-scale solar project developer, delivering competitive, clean electricity to large energy buyers. Recurrent Energy has approximately 7 GW of solar and storage projects in development in the U.S., and the company is currently working on projects all over California and beyond! 

Project Portfolio - Recurrent Energy

Recurrent Energy has sponsored over $8,000 thus far to CalSol. We greatly appreciate your help!


CalSol wins Second at the 2019 Formula Sun Grand Prix!

CalSol competed at the 2019 Formula Sun Grand Prix from July 4rd to July 7th in Austin, Texas. We raced our first-ever cruiser, Tachyon, and won second place in the cruiser class!

We would like to thank all our sponsors for supporting us throughout the process, and we would also like to thank the Innovators Educational Foundation for organizing FSGP 2019!

MOV Podium! Congrats to Calgary and Waterloo for their amazing cars as well!

We also won the sportsmanship award!

Huge shoutout to the team for working 24-hour shifts and getting the car race-ready!

FSGP Day 6 Recap: Farewell!

We did it! After a week of intense, around-the-clock work, constant discussions, and sleepless nights, we have finally finished racing Tachyon at FSGP 2019. We received SECOND PLACE in the MOV category, which is much better than we expected! In addition, we received the sportsmanship award during the awards ceremony! CalSol has worked so hard to get here, and we are so grateful for everyone who helped along the way.

Team photo!

You know we had to do a silly photo!

We 💖 our seniors 💖💖💖

Huge shoutout to our drivers for withstanding the sweltering heat (and constant hydration!)

Our composites team, who had to deal with carbon fiber all. the. time.

Shoutout to our electrical team for their constant work on the car and helping it run smoothly.

Mechanical subteam really steering us to success!

Our Solar subteam: small but powerful, just like our cells!

Operations subteam with that “amazing” improvised vinyl work.

Our wonderful exec board, constantly leading and motivating the team!

Special thank you to Tristan, our advisor and encyclopedia, for his endless amount of time and effort spent on CalSol!

Safety officers reminding you to HYDRATE

FSGP Day 5 Recap: Off to the Rayces!

Today, Tachyon has completed 25 laps around the track, currently in second place in the cruiser class! Click here to access live updates on FSGP team ranks, and we are also streaming the race on Twitch. Tomorrow’s our last day of racing, so we are going to be putting in our all!

Tachyon on the track!
It’s a beautiful day to be raycing!

Richard “Ducky” Lin gets some help working on firmware.

So … who’s at the pits?

At Amy’s Ice Cream with Alumni!

FSGP Day 4 Recap: Tachyon on the Trackyon

Today, we finished up dynamic scrutineering and got our first taste of the COTA track! Tachyon completed 3 laps in the last 15 minutes of racetime, moving up to a second place cruiser spot.

Before we get to the photos, here are some important links to keep you updated during the race. Click here to access live updates on FSGP team ranks, and we are also streaming the race on Twitch.

Slalom Test.

“11 … point … 5 …”

Brake Test.


Happy 4th of July!

Off to the races.

Tachyon going up The Hill — and passing it with flying colors!

FSGP Day 3 Recap: Fun in the Sun

Today, we finished all of our static scrutineering, getting approval on body and sizing, mechanical, lights and vision, battery protection, and driver operations. In addition, our various subteams worked on finishing up various parts of the car, and CalSol continued onto dynamic scrutineering.

Click here to access live updates on FSGP team scrutineering status.

A beautiful day despite thunderstorms!

Battery Box.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane — it’s Eatone Cheng with a sail!

Weighing Tachyon.

Boosted Board vs. Dolly

Driver team huddle.

Heading to the first round of dynamics!

U-Turn Test.

We will be livestreaming tomorrow’s events on Twitch! Tune in and follow @BerkeleyCalSol on Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook for more.


FSGP Day 2 Recap: We Have Liftoff!

For the first time, Tachyon has driven under its own power! Our team has completed scrutineering for drivers, safety, and array, and we are working towards finishing our electrical and mechanical scrutineering tomorrow. We gave our drivers a feel for the car during a nighttime road test around the parking lot.

Click here to access live updates on FSGP team scrutineering status.

Annie Wang driving Tachyon for the first time!

Driving to electrical scrutineering.

Electrical subteam discusses with the electrical scrutineer.

Battery Ventilation is whale built! 🐳🐳🐳

Nighttime Road Test.

FSGP Day 1 Recap: Start of Scrutineering

We have made it to COTA (Circuit of the Americas) and set up our base camp for the week!

The first three days of FSGP are reserved for scrutineering, which is where officials come and survey the car’s electrical, solar, composite, safety, and other requirements. This also involves dynamic scrutineering, in which our drivers must take Tachyon through certain obstacles and complete tasks.

Today, we continue working on the car and get it scrutineering ready!

CalSol at the kickoff meeting!

We have each other’s backs 🙂

Finishing up soldering a section of the Solar Array

Continuing to weatherproof

Working on our steering and brakes

Dash panel in progress

Seatbelted in and ready to go!

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FSGP Day 0 Recap: Bigger and Better in Texas

After we arrived in Texas yesterday, we immediately started working on our car in preparation for day 1 of scrutineering tomorrow. Tachyon has undergone some changes over the past few weeks; the rolling chassis is soon to become a fully integrated solar vehicle! Here are some of the things we have been working on and completing.

Mechanical and Electrical

CalSol has made huge steps in integrating brakes, ventilation, steering, and more. Chris, our brakes maestro, has routed our brake lines, and tomorrow we will finish the parking brake mounting. Steering and suspension are being tuned and completed.

Our battery ventilation system is also being installed! From the image below, you can see our battery box. The black row on it is the ventilation fans.

Our electrical team is working on harnessing, or installing the systems throughout the car.


Our solar team has been hard at work soldering the array wiring, as well as weather-proofing the gaps between the panels with silicone. We’ve been loving the Austin sun, but we want to prepare for the storms ahead!

… and we are working on much more! Stay tuned as we continue on to scrutineering and make further progress on the car.

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