Mid-Summer Update — Tachyon Updates and Preparing for FSGP 2019!

As FSGP draws near, we are finishing up Tachyon for racing! We have continued our work on the structure of the body, focusing on wrapping up integrations, adding final touches, and packing for FSGP! Here are some photos of what we have been working on.

Discussing the best approach to attaching Tachyon’s doors

Before: Planning out the solar array
After: Solar cells in place!

Machining some parts

Before: rear suspension has been installed
After: tires in!

In-progress battery box

Birdie has come out of its nest to observe and support CalSol!


Sponsorship Thank You: VCA Antech

Thank you VCA Antech!

We are excited to have VCA Antech as a sponsor for us! Although it is a company that handles animals and pet healthcare, VCA Antech has provided us with plenty of resources to help us succeed as well! Martin Chou from the IT department at the company donated servers for our CalSol website, and they’ve also donated around $3000 worth of materials and funds. Thank you again to VCA Antech for your support!