FSGP Day 0 Recap: Bigger and Better in Texas

After we arrived in Texas yesterday, we immediately started working on our car in preparation for day 1 of scrutineering tomorrow. Tachyon has undergone some changes over the past few weeks; the rolling chassis is soon to become a fully integrated solar vehicle! Here are some of the things we have been working on and completing.

Mechanical and Electrical

CalSol has made huge steps in integrating brakes, ventilation, steering, and more. Chris, our brakes maestro, has routed our brake lines, and tomorrow we will finish the parking brake mounting. Steering and suspension are being tuned and completed.

Our battery ventilation system is also being installed! From the image below, you can see our battery box. The black row on it is the ventilation fans.

Our electrical team is working on harnessing, or installing the systems throughout the car.


Our solar team has been hard at work soldering the array wiring, as well as weather-proofing the gaps between the panels with silicone. We’ve been loving the Austin sun, but we want to prepare for the storms ahead!

… and we are working on much more! Stay tuned as we continue on to scrutineering and make further progress on the car.

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