Cal Day Afterthoughts and our Journey Ahead

We thank you again for taking your time to drop by our booth on Saturday. We had lots of fun displaying Impulse and talking about our project, passion, and goal. We sincerely hope that you felt the same way too and got to learn more about us.

Although we have completed the major components of the car, such as the shell, the chassis, and most of the electrical system, we are not taking any breaks before the completion of Impulse.

For the next few months we will be testing and improving our mechanical and electrical systems until they are satisfactorily reliable. We wouldn’t want to be caught in the Australian outback with problems that we could have solved before beginning the race!

Please make sure to come back for more updates on our progress towards the end of the week, and in the meanwhile, feel free to visit our photo gallery to see all the wonderful pictures taken on Cal Day!