Day 12: A Bird of Another Kind

G’day mates!

In case you didn’t know, CalSol team also has a twitter for you insta-update fans! We have been tweeting like little birds since arriving down under.

Follow us there:

Stay tuned to the blog for longer updates, but make sure to follow us there if you want real-time updates about what we’re doing and where we are!

Australia is Auss-some!

Spring Sunset in South Australia

In the midst of all our frenzied preparations for WSC, the race crew has also been admiring the amazing country that Australians have! Everyone we have talked to have been very friendly, helpful, and interested in our business here so far, and I speak for the entire team when I say that we have met some really great people!

Melbourne was an interesting city, with both European and American architectural influences. We had fun exploring the city with the limited time we have, and we wouldn’t mind returning again.

Impulse on the Road

Dear CalSol supporters,

We have some exciting news for you: Impulse braved its first journey as a state-registered vehicle on city roads!

With our building efforts drawing mostly to completion, we are now focusing our attention on testing the car and fine-tuning any hiccups along the way.  On Sunday the 17th, a crew of members took Impulse for a spin all the way to Jack London Square in Oakland.

Please enjoy this short video of Impulse on the roads, and for a more complete footage, please follow this link here.

As always, we really appreciate all the amazing support we have. Please continue to follow our progress as we prepare for the World Solar Challenge 2011–only a few months away now!

CalSol on WSC’s website!

We are thrilled to announce that CalSol has been added to the World Solar Challenge’s website under Team Information. You can find the team’s profile here!

We have still been working hard behind the scenes to ready our car for this race. We are hoping to get Impulse registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles soon so we can begin our road testing. More updates are sure to come as we progress!

Impulse at Maker Faire

We are very excited to announce that Impulse will be on display at the Maker Faire this weekend. Maker Faire is held at San Mateo Events Center and displays varying projects of lots of talented Makers.

CalSol will be showing off Impulse both days. We invite you to come by and check out the improvements and progress we have made to our electrical and mechanical systems. If you didn’t get to make it out to Cal Day, we would especially love to see you there to share our achievements and accomplishments!

Canopy Forming

To go along with our shell construction efforts, CalSol has also been hard at work on our canopy for Cal Day. Our platinum sponsor, Kreysler & Associates, generously milled our canopy plug for us and we have been preparing it by spraying it with primer and sanding it down to a smooth finish.

ESC’s continued support and E-Week

Without continued support, CalSol would not be able to achieve all that we do. That’s why it’s important to us to recognize our amazing supporters and sponsors! With that in mind, we would like to say a huge thank you to our bronze sponsors, Engineer’s Student Council (ESC)!

CalSol is a member of the ESC (formerly the Engineer’s Joint Council) at Berkeley, an organization dedicated to fostering and nurturing the engineering community at Berkeley. They do so through official events, informal socials and mixers, and also through allocating funding to member groups. Being a member of the ESC means interconnections between student groups, new friendships, and a lot of fun!

Adopt-A-Cell Program

CalSol would like to give everyone an update on our Adopt-A-Cell program!

This program is a fun way for individuals to help support our goals. Our current car, GoldRush, as well as our new car, Impulse, have 6 square metres of solar cells on them, as well as hundreds of batteries. As such, everyone has an opportunity to adopt a solar cell, a solar panel, or a battery.

When CalSol attends large events to showcase our vehicle and talk about the team, please drop by to ask about our program and adopt these cute electrical components of the car!

For more information and a list of current adopters, please check out our Adopt-A-Cell page at!

CalSol Registers for 2011 World Solar Challenge

Taken from WSC's main site
2011 WSC Race Route (

As of March 1st, CalSol has officially registered to compete in the 2011 World Solar Challenge in Australia!

This event will take place in October of 2011, where teams will start in Darwin. After a careful week-long scrutineering process that assesses the safety and functionality of the car, teams will be allowed to make their way on public highways South towards the final destination, Adelaide. The race will cover over 3000km (1890 miles) over the course of seven days and traces a route from the northern tip of Australia to the southern tip.

Revchem Primers

CalSol would like to thank Revchem Composites for their generous donation of their Duratec Styroshield and Duratec Polyester EZ Sand Primer products.