Solar Cells are ON!









Hello Solar Car Enthusiasts!

We are very excited to say that Impulse is now officially a solar car!  As soon as our shell team completed working on the canopy hatch, the solar team members rolled up their sleeves and began caulking!

Station Organization

Hello supporters!

I just want to give you all a shout out that we are doing very well!  The body of the car is near its completion and the electrical system is getting stable.  More importantly, our shack is getting a major overhaul!

Check out our electrical room for example!









Cal Day Afterthoughts and our Journey Ahead

We thank you again for taking your time to drop by our booth on Saturday. We had lots of fun displaying Impulse and talking about our project, passion, and goal. We sincerely hope that you felt the same way too and got to learn more about us.

Although we have completed the major components of the car, such as the shell, the chassis, and most of the electrical system, we are not taking any breaks before the completion of Impulse.

Shell Paint & New Sponsors




We are very pleased to announce that our shell has been painted by Shattuck Auto Collision Center with the paint donated by California Color Source! We offer the most sincere gratitude towards Shattuck Auto Collision Center, who is now our gold sponsor, for its beautiful paint job.  At the same time, we thank California Color Source, our new silver sponsor, for its generous paint donation!

Website Overhaul

Hello friends,

As the webmaster of the team, I feel obligated to update you on the status of the website. We have made quite a few significant changes in the past few days:

Hello from the Data Team!

Hello CalSol supporters!

As the Data Lead of Electrical Team, I’d like to give you a little update on some amazing progress we have made recently and take the time to recognize the hardworking members of the team! As the name suggests, the Data Team is primarily responsible for anything data-related on the Electrical Team, although we are also in charge of the radio communication between the cars we are taking to the race. We consist of the Data Logger, Race Strategy and Telemetry Subteams, and we are totally awesome!

Check Us Out

Hello friends of CalSol!

As we work towards the ultimate completion deadline, we also work to keep you informed! There has been lots of amazing progress in the past couple of weeks, and there will only be more! Please check back at our website often for updates on Impulse, WSC, or anything in general.