Check Us Out

Hello friends of CalSol!

As we work towards the ultimate completion deadline, we also work to keep you informed! There has been lots of amazing progress in the past couple of weeks, and there will only be more! Please check back at our website often for updates on Impulse, WSC, or anything in general.

I have uploaded our calendar under the page “Team Schedule”. Please take a look at it and consider attending events with us! On our calendar, you can also find out about our various deadlines, meetings, work sessions, etc. We want to let you know how we are doing, and how much effort everyone is putting in. We want to show you that we are fulfilling our promises and making them a reality!

This is a very exciting time for CalSol, and we are thrilled to share every moment of it with you. Please visit the site often and see us establish our dream!


PS. Subscribe to our youtube channel for the latest video updates! They are not only informative but also super entertaining!