Australia is Auss-some!

Spring Sunset in South Australia

In the midst of all our frenzied preparations for WSC, the race crew has also been admiring the amazing country that Australians have! Everyone we have talked to have been very friendly, helpful, and interested in our business here so far, and I speak for the entire team when I say that we have met some really great people!

Melbourne was an interesting city, with both European and American architectural influences. We had fun exploring the city with the limited time we have, and we wouldn’t mind returning again.

Mike Driving on the left side of the road through rain

Since leaving the city, we have been driving for long days on the freeway, crossing through the southern Australian terrain. So far, it’s been very flat and green, with grazing cows and sheep. We have encountered a lot of rain, but that just makes the sun and rainbows more beautiful when they emerge.

We look forward to entering the Outback and seeing the change in landscaping. (We aren’t sponsored by Tourism Australia, we promise!)