Impulse Unveiling: April 16 at Cal Day

CalSol is proud to announce the unveiling of Impulse, our newest solar race vehicle. It will take place at Cal Day, UC Berkeley’s campus wide open house event.

We invite all CalSol supporters and anyone interested to see what we have been working so hard on.

PLAYgreen 2011

Public showcase on Spoul Plaza

CalSol displayed GoldRush last Friday at the 2011 PLAYgreen Festival at UC Berkeley. Our team members informed festival attendees and passersby of the team’s efforts and goals. CalSol attracted attention from all types of people, including event staff, police officers and prospective students and parents. Based on feedback from attendees, the team did a great job engaging people and answering their questions. CalSol increased PLAYgreen’s presence by showcasing our old solar car and having fun. After showing GoldRush at PLAYgreen, we cannot wait to unveil Impulse.

GoldRush in front of the PLAYgreen Festival
GoldRush in front of the PLAYgreen Festival
Amando and Chris describe CalSol