Day 3 of FSGP 2017

Team photo right after passing all our scrutineering tests

And we are all GREEN!

CalSol ended Day 2 with a high, successfully passing all scrutineering tests with greens. This included passing the dynamics test like the slalom test below:

Passing these tests makes us track eligible for the circuit segment of FSGP on Thursday.

Free of any tests on Day 3 (Wednesday), we seized the opportunity to prepare ourselves for the next 3 days of grueling circuit racing.

At the crack of dawn, the early crew set up and tested the solar array. Potentially spending up to 24 hours on the track over the next 3 days, having a reliable and efficient solar array is crucial for success at the race.

The early crew testing out the solar array

After the daily team meeting, the team went for a road test at the COTA facility, further simulating race conditions in the scorching heat.

The team discussing race strategy

With all these preparations, the team is hyped up for the the first day of circuit racing tomorrow. GO BEARS!


…And We’re Back!


It’s been a while since we’ve posted on this blog, but let’s get things started again. A lot has happened in the past year: we’ve competed in the Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) and American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2016 with a 9th-place finish, and have also begun development of our 9th generation solar vehicle, Tachyon! We’d like to extend a huge thanks to our team members, sponsors, and supporters for making all of the progress in the past year possible.

Looking forward, we are now preparing to compete in FSGP 2017, which will be held from July 3-7 at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas! We will be bringing our 8th generation vehicle, Zephyr, to compete in its final race.

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