The Heat, the Work, and the City

We are concluding our third day of preparations in Monticello, New York and we are burning in the heat. It has been consistent 90 degree days with 50% humidity and when working outside on the car, the weather just saps the energy right from us.

CalSol Team Picture in Time Square
CalSol team photo in the center of Time Square

But all we can do is continue working on the car, fixing small glitches, soldering some replacement circuits, coordinating logistics for ASC, and fitting in food and sleep somewhere in there. But that clearly can’t continue forever. So…

We all decided to take a break on the night of July 3rd and travel to New York City because we were already so close. We drove to the outskirts, took the metro into the center of the city, walked through Rockefeller Center and Time Square, stopped at John’s for some wonderful pizza, and then headed on back to Monticello. It was a great night and gave us a hefty boost in team morale.

New York City skyscrapers
New York City skyscrapers after getting off of the metro

Well now its a bit past midnight here so I guess it technically is no longer the fourth of July for us here, but it’s still the fourth for our followers back in California so happy Independence Day everyone!

July 5th is our final day for testing and preparation before the process of scrutineering begins and our work is tested by professional engineers. Securing their stamp of approval is not only critical to our ability to race, but it will also validate everything that we have put into the construction of this car. Only two of us here have been through the process before and the rest of us are curious and nervous to see what will happen.

Keep posted for more updates!

2 thoughts on “The Heat, the Work, and the City”

  1. Matt Powers (Calsol alum - 1990-1993)

    Go Bears! Good luck everyone – keep up the hard work.

  2. I had an opportunity to meet the team while they were working on their car in Cuddebackville New York out in front of the school. The team was energetic excited and a pleaseure to talk with. They gave me an overview of thier solar car and were very informative. I wished them luck and took several pictures.

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