Thank you for adopting CalSol

Thank you so much to our Adopt-a-Cell donors who helped get us to Australia! We asked for your assistance, and you responded with enthusiasm. We could not have completed any of our challenges without your support.

As always, please send email to You don’t have to give us money to say hi. Our members love to receive words of encouragement from our friends. Here is one of my favorite emails that shows how often Steven keeps in touch with his family:

Hi Chris,

Thanks to you, Jessica, Marc, Hilary, Nicole for keeping us back here in the States updated on CalSol’s big adventure. I would be completely in the dark if I had to rely on Steven to keep me informed. I would love to hear more about what’s happening with Impulse and see some pictures of the team members.

Keep safe and enjoy the experience!
Laura Rhodes

Once again I’d like to thank all of our Adopt-a-Cell donors, including those who have asked us not to publish their name online.

Bob Gomez
Arthur Ng
Patrick C. Lui/Judy L. Chang
Chris/Nyla Marnay
Yury Kolomensky
Dolores Mendoza
Jonathan Cooper
Kevin Lam
Paul Russell/Aresa Toukdarian
Nam Nguyen
Glenn/Kristine Taylor
Henry Lam
Aaron Chang
Kenneth Ribet/Lisa R. Goldberg
Phil/Janet Flanner
Gary Graham
Wayne/Christine S Paulsen
Alec Brooks
Bruce/Christy Fong
Sunny/Malcolm Atherton
Isaac Spiegel
Nathanael Chang
Benjamin Speiser

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