You Make it Easier When Logistics Gets Hard

While it is important to get a car built, run, and tested, it is absolutely essential to successfully get the car across the Pacific Ocean in order to participate the Veolia World Solar Challenge in Australia.

The team began looking into shipping logistics in April, with very little luck. We have talked to many freight forwarders and shipping companies, and received many quotes. The quotes were always either too expensive or the transit would take way too long. There were also many confusing (and different) rules around the class-9 haz mat lithium ion batteries for both flying and shipping.

Finally, through the connection of an enthusiastic CalSol supporter, Chris Hagler, I got in touch with Jim Ji from the Great World Express freight forwarding company and finally started to settle this logistical nightmare. Jim has done an absolutely fantastic job at preparing all the paperwork, arranging customs inspection, and patiently guiding me through this chaotic process. Jim also managed to give us a rather affordable quote with all the handling fees and the likes waived. Here I’d like to acknowledge Jim and the Great World Express Inc for all the awesome work they have done to get Impulse out of the US smoothly!

Just like export, it is equally important to ensure the import process is smooth and hassle-less in order to receive Impulse on time. After Impulse left the Oakland port at the end of August, Jim had introduced me to Andrew Petalas and Phylicia Veitch from ACS Worldwide, who then helped us receive and export the container back to the US.

After the rayce, with much celebration and many people rushing to leave the country, we were still able to put Impulse away on schedule without much hassle. Thanks to our previous communication (before I lost Internet in the Outback), Phylicia has arranged everything and taken care of all the relevant export paperwork, not to mention that she’s acquired a great quote for the team as well. All we really had to do was bringing Impulse and all of our equipment to the depot and nothing more. Just like Jim, Phylicia had helped us waive all the handling fees and fought for the lowest rate possible. Thank you so much Andrew, Phylicia, and ACS Worldwide for your fabulous service!  We really appreciate all of your help and wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

I’d also like to thank the folks at B&K Express Freight in Melbourne for promptly removing our container despite the stormy weather! Additionally, thank you Frank Imbrogno from TRG Transport in Adelaide for being as accommodating as ever when we constantly went back to the depot to drop off more items!  CalSol is very lucky to have been able to work with all these talented people, and we will keep in touch for the future rayces for sure!