Coming Soon to a Road Near You

Our lovely car

Two Saturdays ago we took our car to have the lights and brakes inspected.  Hee Lee, the owner of 700 Auto Service, once again generously performed the inspection for us at no charge.   Passing this test marked the first step in getting our car to be certified as street legal.   Next we took the car to one of the most feared of organizations – the DMV, for the fifth time.   People waiting to pass their driver’s license test were amazed and surprised to see a solar car waiting in line next to them.   We prepared for the worst, but everything went quite smoothly and we are excited to announce we have received a temporary road permit.   This registration will allow us to drive on public roads until September.    Next week we’ll be taking the car to the CHP to get a permanent VIN which will allow us to get our permanent registration and license plates.In the meantime we’ve been testing the car on the private roads at our station.    The car is operating as an electric vehicle for now as we finish up the last of our shell work and debug the rest of our electrical issues before attaching the solar array.   We’ve been testing with the motor for a while now, but the first real drive occurred last week.    After our 4th of July BBQ we celebrated by taking the car out for another spin.    Expect to see us on the roads of Richmond and Berkeley in the coming weeks.