Rayce Night 1: Sleeping with the Termites

Impulse charging at camp 20km out of Katherine
Impulse gathering the last rays of sun at the end of Rayce Day 1.

It may not be immediately obvious to some, but even when Impulse isn’t on the road, there’s a great deal for us to do.  Things like choosing a place to spend the night, fixing any persisting car issues, and setting up camp all have to be done sometime during the night, while at the same time making sure everyone has enough food and sleep to keep up the pace the next day.  And for a crew of 22 people, this can take a bit longer than expected.

SunCat Solar, LLC

New Cells! Plus a sneak peak of the chassis

Solar cells are what create the difference between a solar car and an electric car, so obviously they’re one of the more important items we need to have.  It’s been about 5 years and 2 cars since CalSol last bought cells, and we were all very excited to order a brand new set for Impulse, thanks in no small part to all of our wonderful sponsors. We went and talked to our friends at SunCat Solar, LLC, who despite their busy schedule managed to fit us on the list for some new cells.  And we’re pleased to report that they’ve just arrived!