Last October, CalSol ran a crowdfunding campaign to help fundraise for our 9th Generation vehicle, Tachyon.

As part of our fundraising campaign, we ran an Adopt-a-Cell campaign. We thank the following donors for adopting a solar cell on Tachyon!

Adopt-a-Cell Donors


Cell No :

  1. Julie Ireton
  2. Miriam Simpson
  3. M Keegan
  4. Christopher Cartland
  5. Benjamin Chen
  6. Leland Au
  7. Graham Cooper
  8. Richard and Nancy Lewis
  9. Rafael Send
  10. Jack He
  11. Cornelius Jansen
  12. Gerry & Sue Liang
  13. Derek Chou
  14. Anna Lu
  15. Jun Li
  16. Kevin Li
  17. Kechuan Tu
  18. Qiulian Yang