Day 6 of FSGP – CalSol finishes first!

And we won!

After 3 days, 228 laps and 775 miles driven, CalSol has emerged First in the Formula Sun Grand Prix 2017!

The team with Zephyr after clinching first!

This is the best result that Zephyr has achieved during her 4 years of racing (2014 Р2017). Aside from winning FSGP, Zephyr has also broken several COTA track records, including most number of laps in a day (82). As a team, CalSol also won the Best Teamwork Award for outstanding performance as a team.

This race also represents a validation of the effort and passion put into CalSol by the team members. With that being said, we will not be where we are without the immense help of our sponsors and the school. These amazing results will not have been possible without such help!

Zephyr crosses the finish line at first place!

We cannot think of a better way to retire Zephyr. For now, we will be focusing on developing our 9th-Generation Cruiser Class (2-seater) vehicle, Tachyon. Look forward to more exciting stuff from us!