Day 5 of FSGP – Raycing Day 2

Pit crew doing a tire change

Another day on COTA. CalSol started Day 2 from the pits after diagnosing some electrical problems during the morning solar charge. After a quick fix, we were back on track!

Making up lost time, the team balanced a strategy of conserving charge and maintaining a fast pace. To burn off excess charge and push the limits of Zephyr and our driver, we did several “hot laps” throughout the day. During one of the hot laps, our driver Elizabeth Li clocked the fastest lap of the race at 05:02:291. This timing is also the personal best timing for Zephyr on the Circuit of the Americas.

Zephyr on a hot lap at COTA

Making good time with the reliable car, CalSol managed to end the day at pole position with 1 more day of racing to go.

Race standings after Day 2 of circuit racing

We look forward to the last day of racing and a great end to an amazing week!