CalSol at the Sonoma Indy Grand Prix

Opening ceremony to the Gro Pro Indy Grand Prix hosted by Sonoma Raceway
Opening ceremony to the Gro Pro Indy Grand Prix hosted by Sonoma Raceway

CalSol attended the Go Pro Indy Grand Prix sponsored by Sonoma Raceway and got to show off Impulse to hundreds of race car fans and gear-heads alike. We got a prime spot to display the car in front of the autograph booth for the Indy car drivers and we were placed next to an all electric performance vehicle made by Kleenspeed Technologies. This is a shot of the opening ceremony to the race; they had American flags unfurling, cannons firing, fireworks lighting up, and all manner of celebrities and athletes to start the show off with a bang.

I think we had an astounding impact on those attending the race because they all came to see gasoline powered vehicles and yet we were still able to show them the power that solar energy can contain. I had fun letting people hold our rims and tires and they were surprised how little they actually weighed. And after a tour of the car they were truly stunned that technology such as this even exists. That really makes it sink home that what we are building as a team is truly revolutionary.

Indy cars racing around Sonoma Raceway
Indy cars racing around the big hill at Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma Raceway also gave us tickets to watch the Indy car race and to see back stage in the garage area for the vehicles. We all had fun wandering around the event, but I don’t know if anyone was as happy as I was that day. If you remember any of my blog posts during ASC then you know that I LOVE CARS, internal combustion or otherwise! When the words “Start your engines!” were sounded, oh my gosh the roar was incredible! It shook the stands and you felt it deep in your chest.

Thank you SO much to Sonoma Raceway for inviting us to come to this event!