New Technology in a New Decade

We are very pleased to announce that Toshiba is back on our sponsor list in this exciting decade of CalSol!

Toshiba once donated a wonderful desktop back in the late 90’s that we used heavily to CAD our mechanical parts. This time, Toshiba has generously given us two ultralight Portege laptops, two THRiVE tablets, and a pair of rugged, waterproof Camileo BW10 camcorders to take Down Under. Toshiba has also equipped us with two DX120-ST4N23 All-in-Ones desktops to keep at our work station for CADing, PCB routing, media editing, or anything you can possibly think of! In addition to all the wonderful electronics aforementioned, Toshiba has given us a ton of accessories to go with all these exciting devices and a couple portable external hard drives(Canvio 3.0) to backup files on. I am currently typing up this blog on one of the fabulous Portege laptops; it is so light, so fast, and so powerful! We have installed most of our programs and have been testing out the computers; they have been so great! We simply cannot wait to use these babies on the road!

Here at CalSol, we would like to offer our most sincere gratitude and warmest welcome to our newest Gold Sponsor—thank you so much for your support and welcome aboard!