Day 1: The Team Has Arrived in the Wondrous Oz!

G’day mates! Today, on 9/27, the team has finally gathered up in Melbourne and is ready to begin our month-long adventure in this strange continent called Australia. Despite all the hard work we have put into logistics this past whole month, there are still many details that need to be figured out. As we are slowly getting acquainted with this new country and new culture, we are not forgetting our friends back in the States and we would like to pop in and say a quick hello (Hello!).

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for us; we are picking up Impulse along with the rest of our equipment from the port warehouse tomorrow, and we really hope everything will go smoothly. (Have you heard that the Australian Customs are currently on strike?) We will also be picking up the sponsored vehicles that our fabulous Platinum Sponsor Volkswagen is supplying to us, and we are so excited about them—we will show you the pictures as soon as we get a chance! If everything goes well, a couple of us will head over to Adelaide to acquire a temporary driving permit for Impulse while the rest of us continue unpacking the container and get ready for the big road trip!

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