No-Mar Tire Changer Sponsorship

Tire-Changer jpgWith 2 weeks until Formula Sun Grand Prix, CalSol members have been excitedly pushing the pace of work in anticipation. This work has been happening full force in multiple disciplines of CalSol- engineering work, logistics work, and industry interaction. CalSol has just gained the partnership of No-Mar.

Not only has No-Mar Tire Changer donated a tire-changer to CalSol, they have also shared valuable industry insight. Via the phone and over e-mail, No-Mar’s knowledgable employees’s has opened crucial discussion points for materials CalSol uses. Their advise has opened CalSol to new ideas and opportunities never thought possible before due to higher quality tools and materials.

No-Mar has meet our needs and anticipated even more. They will be providing us with a Classic Tire Changer kit and a Balancer kit. It would take members of CalSol hours upon hours to physically change a full set of tires on Zephyr. Tires would be extremely tight on the wheel and take brute strengths. With No-Mar’s sponsored Tire Changer Kit, they will allow CalSol members to focus more on improving our engineering aspects of the car, improving efficiency for our team and even Zephyr.

CalSol would like to thank No-Mar Tire Changer for their assistance and contributions – we are looking forward to continually working together!

Their generous support will be returned by a sticker on our car and their company link on our website. We encourage you to please visit No-Mar’s website for more information at