World Solar Challenge Media Roundup

Flags are waved at a press event. Image Source: WSC Flickr

Our blog will continue to be the base point for updates on CalSol’s progress. For more on-the-fly updates keep checking in with the team’s Twitter.

As the race continues you can get updates on the race progress from a variety of sources. The World Solar Challenge website is the source for official news, and their Facebook page also shows some of the latest photos and news.  CalSol is our favorite team, but for updates on all of the teams involved is the best source.   Leading up to the race they provided excellent coverage on all of the team’s build progress and they continue to update on the developments in the race (although with a slight preference for the leading teams from the Netherlands).

The map displayed on our front page will show the progress the team makes each day, but to see our live position relative to other teams check out the satellite tracking on the official race dashboard.     They’ve been having some technical difficulties, so I’ve prepared a backup map here.

The World Solar Challenge Flickr is producing a stream of photos.   Photographer Mark Brake also has a nice little collection of images as he follows the race.   Panasonic has a fairly interesting series of videos covering the race and the leading team Tokai.    Our team is taking lots of pictures and some videos as well, so be sure to check back in after the race when they get the chance to upload them.