Molds Arrived

The molds for the car have arrived.  We have sanded them down and put on the first layer of dry wall.  Over winter break we are going to sand down the dry wall and proceed with painting the molds.  We plan on getting the molds all finished up over winter vacation, so hopefully we’ll be well on our way in building our shell once spring semester comes along.

We also want to thank Google for donating $2000 to our team.  Also earlier in the semester the Mechanical Engineering Department donated $3000 to us, so both of them are Bronze sponsorship status. To see a list of our sponsors or find more information on becoming a sponsor, please visit our Sponsorship page.

We have also uploaded some pictures taken of the molds, and of us putting drywall on, along with the team picture of the 2007-2008 CalSol team. They are under the album titled Ursola II.